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Switch how we handle mail
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Instead of being reliant on gmail, I want to switch how we handle our mail.



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so we need to have a seperate noreply address, as i have to set metamta.default-address

The phabricator docs state the following:

Outbound "From" and "To" Addresses
When Phabricator sends outbound mail, it must select some "From" address to send mail from, since mailers require this.

When mail only has "CC" recipients, Phabricator generates a dummy "To" address, since some mailers require this and some users write mail rules that depend on whether they appear in the "To" or "CC" line.

In both cases, the address should ideally correspond to a valid, deliverable mailbox that accepts the mail and then simply discards it. If the address is not valid, some outbound mail will bounce, and users will receive bounces when they "Reply >All" even if the other recipients for the message are valid. In contrast, if the address is a real user address, that user will receive a lot of mail they probably don't want.

If you plan to configure inbound mail later, you usually don't need to do anything. Phabricator will automatically create a noreply@ mailbox which works the right way (accepts and discards all mail it receives) and automatically use it when >generating addresses.

If you don't plan to configure inbound mail, you may need to configure an address for Phabricator to use. You can do this by setting metamta.default-address.

I've now changed that setting to

I've now changed that setting to

Have you asked anyone to make it so we can send as that?

I'm guess by the bug warning saying it's unverified that the answer is no.

Yeah, I haven’t

Ask SPF|Cloud or any member of Miraheze SRE to set it up then.

RhinosF1 raised the priority of this task from Normal to Unbreak Now!.Aug 25 2020, 6:14 PM

We shouldn't be sending unverified mail at all never mind intentionally. Let's get this fixed.

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